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IRGA products and services will improve the profitability of the business as it helps cost saving and increase crops productivity

IRGA’s deeply understands how Industry 4.0 is playing an instrumental role in driving the evolution of agriculture and food sector. Hence, it positions itself as a 4IR application and service provider that employs a Hybrid ATaaS Business Model, which splits into Software-as-a-Service Model (SaaS) and Equipment-as-a-Service-Model (EaaS). SaaS offers a subscription on the digital cloud-based platform with plantation management, artificial intelligence, integrated dashboard, predictive analytics as well as services and products marketplace. The latter offers technology hardware such as robotics and demonstration farm integrated with software systems at pay-per-use basis but also allows the option for outright purchase. Such a model enables a more convenient adoption of 4IR agricultural technologies in plantation and farming activities at an affordable cost due to economies of scale. 

Another highlight of IRGA is the implementation the blockchain technology in the supply chain. Every information along the chain is entirely transparent and immutable. This service creates accountability on food source traceability and improves the confidence of various stakeholders.

(USD / hectare / year)

Cost Benefit Analysis for IRGA Products

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