About Us

A global Agri-Tech disruptor in the space of plantation crops and organic farm.

The idea behind the business’ name is conceptualised based on the brand’s ethos of holistically examining and restructuring agriculture, and looking at growth from a technology perspective. It is this thinking that forms the “IRGA” name, which is “AGRI” spelt in reverse. IRGA is a business which brings together extensive data analytics, field research and product development strengths to optimise the use of technologies through an integrated digital platform. It aims to provide estate owners, farmers and agriculture landowners an integrated precision farming solution which simplifies the decisions making process in agriculture. 

Technology Aggregation & Adaption

  • Aggregator model to create economies of scale for customised modern agriculture solutions at affordable price
  • A need-based approach to ensure take-up of digital solutions offered
  • Focus on advanced technologies & latest inventions in the industry

Integrated Business Model

  • Digital marketplace platform for customised agri-tech solutions
  • Multi-varied subscription options at pay-per-use or long-term lease basis
  • Options for acquisition / equity investment into prospective technology business / partners 

Sustainable Growth

  • In-house capabilities for customisation & fabrication of technology solutions
  • Internal R&D team to develop proprietary technology solutions and ensuring ownership of IPs in the long-term
  • Industry performance data capture which enable regional-level Big-Data Analytics, secured by Blockchain for data privacy 

Inclusive Coverage

  • Customised digital technology solutions for each agriculture sub-sectors
  • Balance focus on both smallholders and large-scale farmers
  • Empowering small-scale agriculture players with better & affordable access to advanced technology services

The Founders

The Founders of IRGA grew up in Malaysian estates and were all exposed to the agriculture industry since a young age coming together to form IRGA. They comprise of an agritech investor who worked in financial, investment, engineering and strategic management consulting with extensive experiences in transforming Government and Corporates in Socio-Economic Transformation and Stakeholder Value Creation, including writing countrywide policy frameworks for the 4th Industrial Revolution and Smart Cities and Digital Agriculture. IRGA’s second Founder is an entrepreneurial and driven strategic business leader in the space of ICT and Digital, from setting up digital divisions for a leading advertising agency and a systems integrator to growing his own digital agency and fintech startups, to currently overseeing the fast expansion of several digital transformation ventures. IRGA’s third Founder is a visionary and astute entrepreneur, who co-founded a Silicon Valley Billion dollar technology company leading his company to lead globally in Internet-of-Things, Financial Technology, Property Technology and Artificial Intelligence.  They bring together the varied and vast expertise, along with integrating two proven agriculture technologies, to form IRGA with a common goal to make agriculture sexy and on-demand for the youth.

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